General Uniform Appearance & Guidelines

Students are expected to be well groomed and modestly dressed at all times. The students' attire should reflect pride intheir school. The uniform dress code is not a reflection of current fashion. Success of the dress code is based on cooperation between students, parents and the school. Students should take

care that the clothing or accessories they wear to school or school events not include emblems or images that may cause offense, bringabout discord, or signal disrespect among members of the Gre ater Atlanta Christian School community. School level administrators make the final decision regarding the acceptability of attire not specifically covered inthis dress code. The administration and faculty expects students to display a cooperative and respectful attitude in regard to uniforms.

Students are required to arrive on campus properly and neatly attired. Students who choose to come to school out of uniform will not be allowed to attend class until they are incompliance with the uniform policy.


Students are required to wear regulation Greater Atlanta Christian School uniform items.

  1. All undershirts should be plain white with no writing or pictures visible.
  2. Oversized or undersized clothes are not "in uniform." Shorts and skirts may be worn no higher than two inches above the top of the knee and may not be rolled up. Pants may not be worn around hips. Appropriate sizing is not the responsibility of the Spartan Store.
  3. Unnatural hair colors, multi-color hair, or extreme hairstyles are not appropriate. Boys' hair must be neatly and conservatively trimmed so that it does not hang inthe back below the top of the dress shirt collar and inthe front below the eyebrows. Side burns must not extend below the earlobe. Boys must be clean-shaven. Failure to be in-compliance will result in disciplinary consequences.
  4. Under no circumstances is it appropriate for students to write on, cut up, or deface their uniforms, including Spartan spirit attire in any way. This includes frayed or stapled hems, holes in pants, and slit or frayed pant legs.
  5. Pants/Shorts must be appropriatel y sized and worn at the waist. The hem of the pant legshould not touch the ground and should not be cut or frayed. Boys are to wear belts. Belts should be plain and fitted at the waist.
  6. Skirts must be no more than two inches above the top of the knee. GAC approved shorts are strongly recommended under dresses and skirts. Items such as sweat pants or pajama pants are not to be worn under a skirt.
  7. No hats or caps are to be worn with uniforms on the Greater Atlanta Christian School campus during the school day (7:30AM - 3:30PM). GAC logo stocking caps may be worn outside when the temperature falls below freezing,but never insidethe buildings.
  8. Friday GAC Spirit wear - In addition to the school uniform, the following clothing is allowed on Fridays throughoutthe year: blue jeans and "GAC spirit/team/club T-shirts." The jeans must be appropriately sized and may not be frayed or have holes. Only T-shirts from the Spartan Store, GAC teams or approved clubs will be allowed. If a student chooses not to wear jeans then only uniform shorts, skirts, or uniform pants may be worn.

Physical Education Uniforms - Regulation physical education uniforms must be purchased inthe Spartan Store and are to be worn inall physical education classes ingrades 6-12.